Turtle school training

Turtle School Training

Train here to have a chance of getting a lot of Turtle Shell!!!

Event Guide:

Build your team with characters from "Peppy Gals" Category!

The more characters from the "Peppy Gals" Category on your team, the higher chance of getting extra Platinum Turle Shells in this event!

There is only 1 stage in this event normal.jpg.

There are 2 boss that player will face in this event:

-Masterful Technique Master Roshi (Max Power) Master Roshi (TEQ)

-Masterful Intelligent Master Roshi (Max Power) Master Roshi (INT)


1Random Type of Platinum Turtle Shell
                AGL Turtle Shell   INT Turtle shell   PHY Turtle shell   STR Turtle shell   Teq Turtle Shell
Rank exp1500
Character exp750
Dragon stone1

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