The terrifying transforming majin

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The Terrifying Transforming Majin

An extremely difficult event has started now!
Come and challenge the most dreadful Majin Buu!

Event Guide:

Stage 1: "Majin's Transformation" is available on normal.jpg hard.jpg z-Hard.
Clear the z-Hard stage for a chance to earn Z-Awakenend SSR Majin Buu(Ultimatae Gohan)!Eradicator of Hope Majin Buu (Ultimate Gohan)

Stage 2: "Horrendous Majin's Onslaught" is only available on super hard .
In Stage 2, Majin Buu will launch ceaseless attacks once the battle starts. Yet,with Goku and Vegeta being absorbed, Majin Buu will get weaker and weaker! Survive his furious onslaught and wait for the right tieme to counter attack.
Clear super hard stage for a chance to earn Awakening Medal "Majin Buu (Ultimate Gohan)"!

Stage Guide & Reward:

Stage 1: "Majin's Transformation"normal.jpg hard.jpg z-Hard.

Savage Battle Instinct Buu (Super)Strongest Majin BuuMajin Buu (Picolo)Majin Buu (Ultimate Gohan)
TEQstrength  extreme intextreme strength


Rank exp100040008000
Character exp50001500050000
Dragon stone--1

25% of x0-1-2Eradicator of Hope Majin Buu (Ultimate Gohan)

Stage 2: "Horrendous Majin's Onslaught" super hard.

Countdown despair Majin Buu (ultimate gohan)Tactics Evolved Majun Buu (Gotenks)Strategic Extermination Majin Buu (Picolo)Demonic Shriek Buu (Super)Raging Dash Majin BuuRelentless Onslaught Buu
extreme intextreme strengthextreme intextreme phyextreme teqextreme teq


Rank exp18000
Character exp100000
Dragon Stone 1
Dropx7Awakening Medal Majin Buu