The mysterious mask

The Mysterious Mask

The Super Strike Event is now on!
Defeat Mighty Mask, and you'll have a chacne to obtain [Titanic Tag Team] Mighty Mask [SR]!

Event Guide:

There are 2 stages and 3 difficutlies in this event NormalHardZ-Hard.
Stage 1: "The Mysterious Mask" NormalHardZ-Hard.
Defeat Mighty Mask in Stage 1 for a chance to get [Titanic Tag Team] Mighty Mask [SR]!
Stage 2: "An Unexpectedly Powerful Man" Z-Hard.
Defeat stage 2 to earn the exclusive Awakening Medal "Warrior's Mark (Might Mask)".

Stage Guide & Reward:

Stage 1: "The Mysterious Mask"

Titanic Tag Team Mighty MaskTitanic Tag Team Mighty MaskTitanic Tag Team Mighty MaskorElite Offspring Trunk KidFighting Prodigy Goten (Kid)
TEQTEQSuper TeqorSuper TeqSuper AGL


Character exp2000400010000
Rank exp160051609900
Dragon Stone--1
Dropx0-1Titanic Tag Team Mighty Maskx0-1Titanic Tag Team Mighty Maskx2Titanic Tag Team Mighty Mask

Stage 2: "An Unexpectedly Powerful Man"

Titanic Tag Team Mighty Maskpeculiar collaboration mighty mask
Super TeqSuper Teq


Character exp25000
Rank exp16500
Dragon Stone1
Dropx2Awakening Medals: Warrior Mark (Might Mask)

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