The horrific cell game

The Horrific Cell game

Game Over... I'll end this in no time!
A highly challenging stage is here!
Stand against Perfect Cell!

Event Guide:

There are 3 stages in this event. 
Stage 1: "The Cell Game" is available on normal.jpg hard.jpg z-Hard.
Defeat Cell (Perfect Form) z-Hard for a chance to earn [SR] Cell (1st Form)!
Stage 2: "The Extreme Terror" is only availabe on z-Hard.
Defeat Perfect Cell z-Hardto earn the exclusive Medal "Goku" for Awakening Cell! Beware of Perect Cell's recovery skill "Regeneration" and multiple attacks in one turn!
Stage 3: "Waking Nightmare" is only available on Super2 hard.
Stage 3 is a battle of 3 combats in a roll against Cell Jr.Army and Perfect Cell!

Stage Guide & Reward:

Stage 1: "The Cell Games"

Cell Fusion Cell (1st Form)Strength Evolved Cell (2nd Form)Evolved Form Cell (Perfect Form)
Extreme AglstrengthExtreme Agl


Rank exp3008904000
Character exp-15006000
Zeni 400010000
Dragon Stones111
Drop--25% of x0-2Cell Fusion Cell (1st Form)

Stage 2: "The Extreme Terror"

Surpassing ALl Perfect Cell
extreme teq


Rank exp-
Character exp-
Draon Stone 1
Dropx3-6Awakning Medals: Goku 03

Stage 3: "Waking Nightmare"

Tiny Terror Cell jrSimple-Minded Devil Cell Jr.(AGL)Simple-Minded Devil Cell Jr.IntSimple-Minded Devil Cell Jr.(Teq)Tiny Terror Cell jrFlare of Death Perfect CEllWelcome to hell perfect cell
extreme phyExtreme Aglextreme intextreme teqextreme phyextreme teqextreme strength


Rank exp18000
Character exp100000
Dragon Stones1
Dropx7Awakning Medals: Goku 03

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