Supreme fusion! blazing potara

Supreme Fusion! Blazing Potara

An extremely difficult event has started now!
Challenge Super Vegito and earn as many Awakening Medals as you can!

Event guide:

There are 2 stages in this event.
Stage 1: "Miraculous Fusion" is available on normal.jpg hard.jpg z-Hard.
Clear stage on  z-Hard to get Z-SWORD and rare items!

Stage 2: "Meet Vegito" is only available on Super2 hard.
Clear Stage on Super2 hard and get the exclusive Awakening Medal "Super Vegito"!
In Stage 2, you have to fight successively against Goku & Vegeta, Vegito, and Super Vegita! Super Vegito will use the skill "Barrier"  which can reduce recieved damage! Dominate this battle to earn as many Awakening Medals as you can!

Stage Guide & Reward:

Stage 1: "Miraculous Fusion" normal.jpg hard.jpg z-Hard.

GokuExerted Ability VegetaGokuExerted Ability VegetaThe Miracle of Potara Vegito
aglINTsuper strSuper INTSuper TEQ


Rank.exp 15000 4000 8000
Character.exp-- 50000
Zeni 32000 6000 125000
Dropx2intx5intx0-1-2overpower vegeto

Stage 2: "Meet Vegito" Super2 hard.

GokuExerted Ability VegetaPeerless Combination Vegito GOlden Ki Super Vegito
super strSuper INTSuper INTsuper agl


Rank exp 15000
Character exp 100000
Zeni 30000
Dropx7Blazing potara awakening medals
Dragon Stone1

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