Pure destruction and carnage

Pure Destruction and Carnage

Challenge the rampaging Majin Buu!

Event Guide:

There 3 stages in this event.
Stage 1: "A Strange Battle" is available on normal.jpg hard.jpg z-Hard
Clear z-Hard for a chance to win Majun Buu (Good) [SR]!
Stage 2: "Never-Ending Nightmare" is only available on z-Hard.
Clear z-Hard to get the exclusive Awakening Medal "Goku|! Majin Buu can turn Ki Spheres into Candy and transform!
Stage 3: "Regression to Evil" Super2 hard.
In addition to turning Ki Spheres into Candy, the Buu in Stage 3 will return  to Buu (Kid) and unleash Super Attacks mercilessly in attempts to wipe on Earth ! Use Support Items or Super Attacks wisely to defend against his Super Attacks!

Stage Guide & Reward:

Innocent Assault Majin Buu (Good)Evil Incarnate Majin Buu (Pure Evil)Evil Incarnate Majin Buu (Pure Evil)Murderous Deisigns Buu (Super)
TEQstrengthextreme strengthextreme teq


Rank exp--4000
Character exp--7000
Dragon Stone111
Drop--x0-2Innocent Assault Majin Buu (Good)

Stage 2: "Never-Ending Nightmare"

Innocent Assault Majin Buu (Good)Captured Wisom Majun Buu (Piccolo)Evil Incarnate Majin Buu (Pure Evil)Savage Battle Instinct BuuHeartless Destruction Buu (Kid)
extreme teqextreme intextreme strengthextreme teqextreme phy


Rank exp8000
Character exp15000
Dragon Stone1
Dropx3-6Awakening Medals: Goku 04

Stage 3: "Regression to Evil" 

Nightmare Redux Buu (Super)Transforming Power Majin Buu (South Supreme Kai)Heartless Destruction Buu (Kid)Transcendent Majun Buu (Kid)
extreme phyextreme strengthextreme phyextreme int


Rank exp20000
Character exp120000
Dragon Stone1
Dropx7Awakening Medals: Goku 04

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