Miracle sword of light

Miracle sword of light

An extremely difficult event has started now!
Fight Against Super SaiYan Trunks (FUTURE)!

Event Guide:

Stage 1 "A New Hope: is only available on Z-HARD and SUPER.
There are 2 difficulty in this event z-Hard  super hard.

Activate the lLink Skill "Dismal Future" to nullify Trunks's damage reduction skill, and greatly increase the demage dealt on him!

Stage Guide & Reward:

Stage 1 "A New Hope" on z-Hard player will face 3boss.

Defiant Trunk (Teen) (Future)Super Saiyan Trunks (Future)power of rage super saiyan (Trunk)
strengthSuper TEQsuper str


Rank exp15000
Character exp60000
Dragon Stone1
Dropx3-6 Awakening medals super saiyan trunks

Stage 1 "A New Hope" on super hard player will face 5boss.

Defiant Trunk (Teen) (Future)Super Saiyan Trunks (Future)power of rage super saiyan (Trunk)Lightning Fast super saiyanBlad and Hope and dream super saiyan trunk
super strSuper TEQsuper strsuper phy Super INT


Rank exp18000
Character exp10000
Dragon Stone1
Dropx7Awakening medals super saiyan trunks
Surpassing even the gods
The golden emperor's vengeance

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