Master of masters

Master of Master

The Super Strike Event is now on!
Defeat Jackie Chun, and you will have a chance to obtain [Seasoned Sensi] Jackie Chun[SR]!

Event Guide:

There are 2 stages with 3 difficultiesNormalHardZ-Hard.
Stage 1: "Master of Masters" NormalHardZ-Hard.
Defeat stage 1 to have a chance of getting [Seasoned Sensei] Jackie Chun[SR]!
Stage 2: "The Determined Martial Artist"Z-Hard.
Defeat stage 2 to earn the exclusive Awakening Medal Warrior's Mark(Jackie Chun).

Stage Guide & Reward: 

Stage 1: "Master of Masters"

Seasoned Sensei Jackie ChunSeasoned Sensei Jackie ChunSeasoned Sensei Jackie Chun
TEQTEQExtreme Teq


Character exp2000400010000
Rank exp160051609900
Dragon stone--1
Dropx0-1Seasoned Sensei Jackie Chunx0-1Seasoned Sensei Jackie Chunx1Seasoned Sensei Jackie Chun

Stage 2: "The Determind Martial Artist"

Seasoned Sensei Jackie ChunMartial Artist Pride Jackie Chun
Extreme TeqExtreme Teq


Character exp25000
Rank exp16500
Dragon stone1
Dropx2Awakening Medals: Warrior's Mark (Jackie Chun)

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