Int hidden potential event

INT hidden Potential Event

Collect INT Potential Orbs to strengthen INT characters now !!!


  1. Player Rank require to be above 50.
  2. Clearing Stage 2 "Super Saiyan Goku" of the Event "An Epic Showdown" on z-HARD.z-hard.jpg

Event Guide:

Take down the following characters to get a lot of different Potential Orbs sizes accordingly!
There is only 1 stage in this event. z-hard.jpg


There are 3 Boss that player will choose to face:
-Botamo Botamo

-Frost Frost

-Magetta Magetta


x45-165Potential Orbs (S)x25-90INT Potential Orbsx2-12INT Potential Orbs (L)
Rank exp1000
Character exp10000

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