Hercule's world tournament

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Hercule world tournament

Train here to get  a super valuable Hercule Statue that's worth a ton of zeni !!!

Event Guide:

Build your team with characters from "World Tournament" Category!

The more characters from the "World Tournament" Category on your team, the higher chance of getting extra Hercule Statue in this event !

There is only 1 stage in this event normal.jpg.

There are 2 boss that player will face in this event.

-Earth Savior Hercule's Earth's Savior Hercule .

-Mesmerizing Might Videl and Earth Savior Hercule's Mesmerizing Might VidelEarth's Savior Hercule .


Hercule's Statue
                        Hercule statue (R)   Hercule Statue (SR)   Hercule Statue (SSR)  Hercule Statue (SSR)
Complete Earth's Savior Hercule Rank exp 
Character exp
CompleteMesmerizing Might VidelEarth's Savior Hercule Rank exp
Character exp
x1Dragon stone