A fiend possessed

A Fiend Possessed

The extremely difficult event is not available!
Come and see  how you will fare against  the vicious Super Janemba!

Event Guide:

There 3 stages in this event.
Stage 1: "Innocent Monstrosity" is available on normal.jpg hard.jpg z-Hard.
Clear z-Hard to get the support items of high rarity!
Stage 2: "Demon of War" is only available on z-Hard.
Clear z-Hard to obtain the exclusive Awakening Medal "Super Janemba"! Super Janemba will mess up your Ki Spheres!
Stage 3: "Overwhelming Force of Evil" is only availabe on Super2 hard.
In Stage 3, Janemba will randomize KiSpheres! Also, Super Janemba will come at you with his astoishing evasion ability! You'll have to keep attacking to stand a chance!

Stage Guide & Reward:

Stage 1: "Innocent Monstrosity" normal.jpg hard.jpg z-Hard

normal.jpg hard.jpg z-Hard
Janemba Janemba Janemba
Type Type Type
strength strength extreme strength


  normal.jpg hard.jpg z-Hard
Rank exp 1500 4000 8000
Character exp 1500 4000 8000
Zeni 3200 6000 12500
Dragon Stone 1 1 1
Drop - - x1agl

Stage 2: "Demon of War" z-Hard

Janemba Netherworld Demon Super Janemba
Type Type
Extreme Agl extreme int


Rank exp 15000
Character exp 80000
Zeni 25000
Dragon Stone  1
Drop x3-6Awakening Medals: Super Janemba

Stage 3: "Overwhelming Force of Evil" Super2 hard.

Janemba Raging Wickedness Super Janemba Netherworld Demon Super Janemba Evil Incursion Super Janemba
Type Type Type Type
AGL Extreme Agl extreme int extreme strength


Rank exp 20000
Character exp 120000
Zeni 30000
Dragon Stone 1
Drop x7Awakening Medals: Super Janemba
The evil emperor of the universe
The inimitable fusion

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