7th universe's god of destruction

7th Universe's God of Destruction

An extremely challenging event is running now!
Come and face the trial from Beerus, the God of Destruction!

Event Guide:

There are 2 stages in this event.
Stage 1: "God of Destuction's Whim" is available on normal.jpg hard.jpg z-Hard.
Clear  z-Hard to get Z-Sword and other rare items!
Stage 2: "God of Destruction's Wrath" is only available on z-Hard.
Clearz-Hard to get the exclusive Awakening Medal "Beerus"! As long as Beerus recieves damag, his Fury Gauge will increase! Once his Fury Gauge gets full, his fury will explode and his power will be greatly agumented! But after his fury is over he will be exhausted and then fall asleep. THis will be a great moment to give him a critical blow! Be attentive to his mood to get the upper hand in the battle!

Stage Guide & Reward:

Stage 1: "God of Destuction's Whim"

Impectuous God BeerusDestructive Whim BerrusCarnage Awakens BerrusMyserious Mentor WhisIrreversible Judgement Beerus
TEQaglSuper TEQSuper INTsuper str


Rank exp 1500 4000 8000
Character exp - - 50000
Drop x5int x2int x2int
Dragon Stone 1 1 1

Stage 2: "God of Destruction's Wrath"

Impectuous God BeerusDevastating Punishment Berrus
Super TEQSuper TEQ


Rank exp 15000
Character exp 800000
Dropx1-3Awakening Medals: Berrus 03
Dragon Stone 1

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