Universe survival saga

Universe Survival Saga

Category: Universe Survival Saga
Consists of characters from the Universe Survival Saga

Cards with Universe Survival Saga Leader Skills
Super Extreme
transdimensional-instinct-gokuPower Upultra-instinct-goku emperor-true-splender-golden-frieza-angelexpanding-possibility-hit
Super Extreme
thirst-for-the-spotling-majin-buu-shape-upbrilliant-battle-instuition-ssj2-caulifla shady-business-frieza-final-form-angel
advert-of-beautiful-love-super-ribriannebattle-lust-ssj2-cauliflainvicible-legend-of-universe-11-jirenwarrior-of-freedom-toppohonest-admiration-ssj-cabba the-10th-warrior-from-universe-7-golden-frieza-angelgrowing-through-battle-hit
tight-knit-fusion-fighter-ssj-kefladbz-dokkan-battle-new-form-on-the-horizon-goku-ultra-instinct-signperilous-potential-strength-kale-berserk limitless-power-bergamo-giant-form
dbz-dokkan-battle-renewed-determination-ultimate-gohan dbz-dokkan-battle-evil-nature-forst-final-formdbz-dokkan-battle-absolute-strength-frost-assault-formdbz-dokkan-battle-truecolors-forst
boilng-competitive-spirit-caulifladbz-dokkan-battle-metal-man-strikes-magetta dbz-dokkan-battle-time-in-hell-frieza-final-form-angel
Shadow dragon saga
World tournament

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