Shadow dragon saga

Shadow Dragon Saga

Category: Shadow Dragon Saga
Consists of character from the Shadow Dragon Saga

Cards with Shadow Dragon Saga Leader Skills
Super Extreme
lone-guardian-ssj-vegeta-gtpeerless-gleam-super-saiyan-4-gogeta scorching-duel-nuova-shenron
powers-combined-majuubbrains-and-brawn-combined-super-saiyan-trunks-gt hopeless-minus-energy-omega-shenron
talent-in-the-blood-pan-gt agent-of-destruction-syn-shenroncrashing-maelstrom-omega-shenron
Super Extreme
crimson-flare-ssj-4-vegeta pinnacle-of-chaos-omega-shenron
eternal-rival-ssj-vegeta-gtthe-supreme-fusion-super-saiyan-4-gogeta warrior-of-the-sun-nuova-shenron
merging-destinies-majuubunshakable-resolution-super-saiyan-trunks-gt agent-of-the-apocalypse-omega-shenron
furous-girl-pan-gtdbz-dokkan-battle-new-possibilities-super-saiyan-3-goku-gt shadow-dragon-master-syn-shenronthe-strongest-shadow-dragon-omega-shenron
Super Extreme
Resurrected warriors
Universe survival saga

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