What is awaken? dragon ball z dokkan battle

What is Awaken? Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

DBZ Dokkan Battle: This talk about the information of Awaken, Z awaken and Dokkan Awaken and telling new player how to do it?

DBZ Dragon BallAwakening

Awakening is the potential of the character, making up the parameters of the awakening is called. For awakening, we consume "awakening medals" and "zennies" that are determined for each character. And level doesn’t matter for Awaken

DBZ Dragon BallZ-Awakening

Character’s Rarity will be upped and Type enhanced! Max level and state will be greatly increased! When a character is at max level, you can perform a “Z-Awakening” on him/her once you have collected all the required medals.

Character level and super Attack Level will be carried over through Z-Awakening. It also gives a more substantial boost to a character’s power than Awakening dose. It also increase team cost of your character.

DBZ Dragon BallDokkan Awakening

Transform your character into a stronger one! The transformation bring out the true potential

You can perform a “Dokkan Awakening” on certain characters being Z-Awakening and at max level. After being Dokkan Awakened, the character’s level will be reset to 1, but the character will be transformed into a new stronger character.

How to Awakening Character?

Home Screen
DBZ Dokkan Battle Home Screen

Tap On the Team Icon.(Blue Circle)







Team Menu Screen
DBZ Dokkan Battle Team menu

Tap on Awaken.




Character Select Screen
DBZ Dokkan Battle Character Screen

Tap on the Character that you want to Awaken.







Awakening Screen
DBZ Dokkan Battle Awakening Screen

Tap on the Awaken Medal that require.

Then Tap on the Awaken.







Dokkan Awaken

Some character can perform Dokkan Awaken after Z-Awakening.

Team Menu Screen
DBZ Dokkan Battle Dokkan Awaken

Tap on Dokkan Awaken.




Dokkan Awaken Screen
DBZ Dokkan Battle Dokkan Awaken

Tap on character you want to Dokkan Awaken.



Note: You can perform a Dokkan Awaken on certain characters being Z-Awakened and at max level. After being Dokkan Awakened, the character level will be reset to 1, but the character will be transformed into a new and stronger one!


The Reverse feature can temporarily revert the Transcended UR characters back to the Pre-Dokkan Awakended State.
This feature helps when you want to unlock potential routers, level up the Super Attack level, or forget learned Potentail Skills of Dokkan Awakened characters.
The character's state and Super Attack level will temporarily go down after the Reverse, but will be restored after Reverse Dokkan Awakening.
DBZ Dokkan Battle ReverseDBZ Dokkan Battle Reverse
A special Awakening Medal Incredible Hourglass is required when you perform a Reverse. The Awakening Medal Incredible Hourglass can be obtained at Baba's Shop.
The Reversed characters can be also be retured to their Dokkan Awakened status through Reverse Dokkan Awakening.
Reverse Dokkan Awakening does not require any Awakening Medal or Zeni.

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