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3rd Anniversary Information

Goku & Vegeta Dokkan Festival
dokkan-festival-lr-gogetaGoku(Angel) & Vegeta(Angel) Dokkan Festival
3rd Anniversary Incoming! Countdown Login Bonus
3rd Anniversary ! Ticket Summon


New Story Update

Wrath Of The Dragon

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Batte Events

Dokkan Festival
who-the-strongest-eternal-rivals-summon showdown-with-the-otherworld-mightiest
amass-super-saiyan-3 bardock-dokkan-festival
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 Everyday Events
An Epic Shadow EventAn Epic Shadow Training at Korin's Tower EventTraining at Korin's Tower
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 Weekly Events
 INT Hidden Potential EventINT Hidden Potential AGL Hidden Potential EventAGL Hidden Potential
 Bonus Events
Turtle School Training EventTurtle School Training Hercule's World Tournament EventHercule's World Tournament
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 Story Events
dbz-dokkan-battle-super-warrior-slam-victory-will-be-mine-eventSuper Warrior Slam! Victory Will Be Mine! Defeat the Legendary Super Saiyan EventDefeat the Legendary Super Saiyan
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 Challenge Events
Dokkan Ultimate Speed Battle EventDokkan Ultimate Speed Battle Dokkan Event Boss Rush EventDokkan Event Boss Rush
 Dokkan Events
Surpassing The Gods EventSurpassing The God Miracle Sword of Light EventMiracle Sword Of Light
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