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MPV is an SMG gun that comes with good mobility & Fast Fire rate that most of the players use it to fight in the close-range & mid-range fights. 

Down below is the Best Attachment for MPV that give a more Stable Spray Accuracy, Less Vertical Recoil, Quicker Reload Speed, and Good Sprint Fire Transition.

Best MPV Attachment | Combat Master - zilliongamer

  • Muzzle: TAA Titanium PCC Muzzle Brake
  • Barrel: Tactical
  • Under-Barrel: Tyrant Designs MOD Foregrip
  • Grip: Stippled Grip
  • Optic: EOTECH HWS
  • Stock: Maxim Defense CQB7

We don't need to equip Ammunition Attachment on MPV. While this gun already has a good amount of Ammo Capacity

Why Do These 6 Attachments Make MPV Stronger?

TAA Titanium PCC Muzzle Brake

Use this TAA Titanium PCC Muzzle Brake to stabilize your recoil control & horizontal Bounce while spraying in the mid-range fight.

  • Unlock At Weapon Level 20
  • +5% Less Vertical Recoil
  • +3% Less Horizontal Bounce
  • -18ms Aim Downlights


Tactical is a Good Barrel that gives a higher % of handling to improve the Vertical Recoil & Horizontal Bounce to MPV.

But, it will decrease your movement speed & accuracy when equipping it on.

  • Unlock At Weapon Level 5
  • +15 Less Vertical Recoil
  • +10% Horizontal Bounce
  • -6% Movement Speed
  • -4% Hip Fire Accuracy 

Tyrant Designs MOD Foregrip

Seems like the other attachment is focused on weapon control only.

So, Tyrant Designs Mod Foregrip is a good Under Barrel for MPV that improved your aim transition when running and also give quick reload speed.  

  • Unlock At Weapon Level 26
  • +22ms Faster Aim Downsights
  • +10ms Faster Sprint-to-fire-transition
  • -2% Slower Movement

Stipped Grip

Stipped Grip is a really good Grip if we compare it to the other two Grips that can be equipped with MPV that improve Recoil Control and is easy to unlock.

  • Unlock At Weapon Level 5
  • +3% Less Vertical Recoil
  • +2% Less Horizontal Bounce


Use this EOTech HWS Optics will a clear x2.4 Sight that doesn't block your vision and make you see the target clearly in the mid & close-range fight. 

Moreover, Using this Optic also gives Less Vertical Recoil & decreases a little bit of aim down sight speed to MPV.

  • Unlock At Weapon Level 8
  • x2.4 Zoom
  • +4% Vertical Recoil
  • -10ms Slower Aim Downsight.

Maxim Defense CQB7

For the Stock Attachment, you can use Maxim Defense CQB7 to increase MPV aim movement & recoil control.

  • Unlock At Weapon Level 15
  • +24ms Faster Aim downsights
  • +10% Faster Aim Movement
  • +10% Less Vertical Recoil
  • -5% Decrease Sprint Speed.

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