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AK is an Assault Rifle gun that comes with a really good fire rate, good damage output, and also has good fire Accuracy most players use it to fight in the mid & long-range fight and win it easily. 

Down below is the Best Attachment for AK that give it Less Vertical Recoil + Hip Fire Accuracy while running, and Quicker Reload Speed to dominate the game.

Best AK Attachment Combat Master - zilliongamer

  • Muzzle: KVP XL Linear Compensator
  • Barrel: Spetsnaz Tactical
  • Under-Barrel: Tyrant Halo Minivert Grip
  • Stock: ACE Ultra Lite
  • Ammunition: AK-12 30-Round Polymer Mags
  • Optics: EOTECH HWS

We don't need to equip Grip on AK. Moreover, the original AK grip is good enough and gives stable control while spraying.

Why Do These 6 Attachments Make AK Stronger?

KVP XL Linear Compensator

This Muzzle is good for AK that provides good to sprint while holding this AK and also increase Control Hip Fire Accuracy. 

Moreover, this muzzle is reduced fluted body weight for AK and increases fire range making it a better gun in the game. 

  • Unlock at Weapon Level 36
  • +10% Increase Fire Range
  • 3% Increase Sprint Speed 
  • 6% Better Hip Fire Accuracy
  • -8ms Slower Aim Downsights
  • -2% Slower Aim Movement

Spetsnaz Tactical

Spetsnaz Tactical is a good Barrel for AK to equip. This muzzle is easy to unlock and also improves Vertical Recoil & Faster ADS for AK.

This Barrel adds little weight if we compare it to other Barrel that add more weight to AK and give the AK the worst performance in the game.  

  •  Unlock at Weapon Level 12
  • +26ms Faster Aim Downsights
  • -6% Slower Aim Movement

Tyrant Halo Minivert Grip

Use Tyrant Halo Minivert Grip is the best for AK while this Under-Barrel provides a good % less vertical recoil and also increases the speed to Aim faster which gives a lot of advantage in the fight. 

Moreover, Tyrant Halo Minivert Grip is easy to unlock and provides a great amount of Vertical Recoil. 

  • Unlock at Weapon Level 32
  • +12 Faster Aim Movement
  • 9% Less Vertical Recoil
  • -3% More Horizontal Bounce

ACE Ultra Lite

Ace Ultra-lite is the best stock for AK. After equipping this stock it increases the speed of sprint while holding this AK also provides enough stable recoil control while spraying.  

  • Unlock at Weapon Level 34
  • +4% Increase Sprint Speed
  • +4% Less Vertical Recoil
  • 6% Less Horizontal Bounce

AK-12 30-Round Polymer Mags

You can use the standard 30-Round Steel Mags but if you want to have more Quick Reload Speed AK-12 30-Round Polymer Mags is the best choice. 

This Mags is really good that gives both Quick Reload Speed and also give Faster Aim when using the scope.

  • Unlock at Weapon Level 48
  • +18ms Faster Aim Downsights
  • 60ms Quicker Reload


EOTECH HWS is the best optics for AK that provide a clear vision open shooting, quickly spotting target,s and didn't block your vision when it comes to mid&long-range fight.

  • Unlock At Weapon Level 7-8
  • x2.4 Zoom
  • +4% Vertical Recoil
  • -10ms Slower Aim down sight

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