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Welcome to the Call of Duty Latest News. Here you can find every news related to upcoming update, patch notes, and more!

Every News related to Call of Duty Mobile can be find here. - zilliongamer

In here you can find all news related to Call of Duty Mobile here. Latest News will display on the top.

Call of Duty Mobile Garena is expected to come soon

For Southeast Asia regions that can't pre-register the game in playstore.

Know the regions of Southeast Asia that will able to play Call of Duty Mobile via Garena.

Call of Duty Mobile Weapon Stats Explained

Call of Duty Mobile Weapon Stats Explained.

Find out here for an in-depth explanation of Call of Duty Mobile Weapon stats mechanic. 

How To Download Call of Duty Mobile 

Find out How you can download Call of Duty Mobile Early alpha/ Beta version here in our game guide.

The expectation of Call of Duty Mobile! 

If you are waiting for Call of Duty Mobile like us, this is the best place for you, find out here on what we expect for the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile.

The Hype of Call of Duty Mobile!

They hype of Call of Duty is been around quite a while, while we all waiting here's so far related to Call of Duty Mobile.