Sphinx3000 Stats, Skins & How To Get

View detail of Sphinx3000 weapon in Bullet Angel. Find Sphinx3000 damage stats, skins, and how to get it.

Sphinx3000 Overview

Base Sphinx3000 Price: 16000 Gold.

Available in: Store

Sphinx3000 Stats & Skins | Bullet Angel - zilliongamer

Sphinx3000 is an improved model of its predecessor, the sleeve has been extended to the sleeve's front end to reduce weight. Introduced in 2003, it is mostly used for practical shooting, self-defense, and security purposes.

Sphinx3000 Weapon Stats

Sphinx3000Base Stats
Fire Rate23

Sphinx3000 has a good fire rate and very high control and mobility. This weapon is can be used as a secondary weapon.

Sphinx3000 Skins, Price, Rarity, Skills, & How To Get

Find all Sphinx3000 skins in Bullet Angel here:

Sphinx-Lonely Star

Sphinx3000 - Lonely Star | Bullet Angel - zilliongamer

Price: 35 Gems
Rarity: Blue
Weapon Skills: 

  • Violent Speed: Movement speed UP
  • Expansion Magazine: Ammo Increase

How to Get Sphinx3000 - Lonely Star: in Store


Sphinx3000 - Teen | Bullet Angel - zilliongamer

Price: 30 Gems
Rarity: Blue
Weapon Skills: 

  • Cool Hand: Reload Speed Increased
  • Expansion Magazine: Magazine Ammo UP

How to Get Spinx3000 - Teen: in Store

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