SIG MPX Stats, Skins, & How to Get

View detail of SIG MPX weapon in Bullet Angel. Find SIG MPX damage stats, skins, and how to get it.

SIG MPX Overview

Base SIG MPX price: 18000 Gold

Available in: Store

SIG MPX Stats & Skins | Bullet Angel - zilliongamer

SIG first released the MPX Submachine Gun in 2013. This design is modeled after that of the AR rifle.

SIG MPX Weapon Stats

Note: This is a base stats of SIG MPX and it can be upgraded in Weapon Mastery.

SIG MPXBase Stats
Fire Rate71

SIG MPX has high damage and accuracy compared to other SMG in Bullet Angel. However, this weapon low penetration and recoil controls. This weapon is good in short-range battles.

SIG MPX Skins, Price, Rarity, Skills, & How to Get

Find all SIG MPX skins in Bullet Angel here.


MPX-Exploring Stats & Skins | Bullet Angel - zilliongamer

Price: 35 Gems
Rarity: Blue
Weapon Skills:

  • APCR: Wood Penetration increased
  • Cool Hand: Reload Speed increased

How to Get MPX-Exploring: in Store

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