M3 Stats, Skins, & How To Get

View detail of M3 weapon in Bullet Angel. Find M3 Damage stats, skins, and how to get it.

M3 Overview

Base M3 price: 18000 Gold.

Available in: Store.

Default M3

M3 Stats & Skins | Bullet Angel - zilliongamer

A dual-mode 12mm caliber shotgun, Light weight, low recoil, and high damage with a single shell. It is extremely lethal against enemies in close quarters, and its fearsome power terrifies anyone who faces it.

M3 Weapon Stats

Note: This is a base stats of M3 and it can be upgrade in Weapon mastery.

M3Base Stats
Fire Rate:15
Ammo:8 / 16

M3 is good for close range target.

M3 Skins Price, Rarity, Skills & How To Get

Find all M3 skins in Bullet Angel here:

M3 - Strike

M3 - Strike | Bullet Angel - zilliongamer

Price: 98000 Gold.
Rarity: Blue.
Weapon Skills: 

  • Agile Hand: Cutting gun speed UP.
  • Cool Hand: Up reload speed.

How To Get M3 - Strike: In Store.

M3 - Blood

M3 - Blood | Bullet Angel - zilliongamer

Price: 35 Gems.
Rarity: Blue.
Weapon Skills:

  • Expansion Magazine: Ammo Increase.

How To Get M3 - Blood: In Store.

M3 -  ShadowGuard

M3 - ShadowGuard | Bullet Angel - zilliongamer

Rarity: Blue.
Weapon Skills:

  • Violent Speed: Movement speed UP.
  • Cool Hand: Reload Speed increased.
  • Agile Hand: Switch Weapon Speed increased.

How To Get M3 - ShadowGuard: In Angel Supply.

M3 - BloodyMary

M3 - BloodyMary | Bullet Angel - zilliongamer

Rarity: Blue.
Weapon Skills:

  • Agile Hand: Switch Weapon Speed UP.
  • Extended MAG: Ammo Increase.
  • AP B: Vest Penetration Damage UP.

How To Get M3 - Bloody Mary: Assimilate 80 humans in Mummy Mode (Event Arcade Challenge).

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