HK416 Stats, Skins, & How To Get

View detail of HK416 weapon in Bullet Angel. Find HK416 Damage stats, skins, and how to get it.

HK416 Overview

Base HK416 price: 36000 Gold.

Available in: Store.

HK416 Stats & Skins | Bullet Angel - zilliongamer

HK416 is in assault rifle class of Bullet Angel. The HK416 was created by Heckler Koch by combining the pneumatic system of the HK G36 assault rifle and the design of the M4 carbine. It's a deadly weapon that had killed the 'terrorist tycoon'.

HK416 Weapon Stats

Note: This is a base stats of HK416 and it can be upgrade in Weapon mastery.

HK416Base Stats
Fire Rate:67
Ammo:30 / 60

HK416 has good damage and fast fire rate with very good accuracy and low recoil control, great for full spray close to mid range target.

HK416 Skins Price, Rarity, Skills & How To Get

Find all HK416 skins in Bullet Angel here:

HK416 - X Hope

HK416 - X Hope | Bullet Angel - zilliongamer

Price: 35 Gems.
Rarity: Blue.
Weapon Skills: 

  • Cool Hand: Movement Speed Up
  • Expansion Magazine: Up Reload Speed.

How To Get HK416 - X Hope: In Store.

HK416 - Teen

HK416 - Teen | Bullet Angel - zilliongamer

Price: 35 Gems.
Rarity: Blue.
Weapon Skills:

  • Cool Hand: Up Reload Speed.
  • Expansion Magazine: Ammo Increase.

How To Get HK416 - Teen: In Store.

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