How To Buy Weapon With Gold in Bullet Angel

Find out How to buy base version weapon in Bullet Angel using free in-game currency "Gold" here.

Gold is one of the currency in Bullet Angel that you can earn for free by playing matches, complete tasks, and more.

You can use Gold to buy permanent gun in the store, but it is hidden pretty well so here is how you can find the weapon store:

1. Tap on Store

Bullet Angel Store | Bullet Angel - zilliongamer

When you go into store you will see 4 tabs: Center, Discount, Store, and Exchange. Make sure you tap on the Store tab.

2. Tap on Equipment

Bullet Angel Store Equipment | Bullet Angel - zilliongamer

After you Tap on Store, you will see a lot of item that can purchase by using Gems, however if you tap on Equipment you will see all the Weapons.

After that all you need is Scrolling down to the bottom of the weapon list to find all the base weapon.

3. Tap on Each Weapon class

Bullet Angel Store Weapon Class | Bullet Angel - zilliongamer

There are 7 Weapon class and each class has the base version at the bottom of the list that you can buy using Gold. And all the base weapon are permanent which is really good if you are a free to play players.


In conclusion, If you want to buy the Weapon using your Gold, you need to follow all the 3 steps above and scrolling down in each weapon class.

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