Bullet Angel Currency: Gold, Gems, & Ornament Points

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There are 3 types of Currency such as Gold, Gems, and Ornaments Points, you can use it to purchase items in Bullet Angel.

Bullet Angel Currency: Gold

Gold is an in-game currency that you can earn freely by playing matches, complete daily tasks, daily events, glory careers.

Bullet Angel Currency: Gold - zilliongamer

You can use Gold to buy some Base weapons, some dance moves and unlock backpack card #3.

Bullet Angel Currency: Gems

Gems is an in-game currency that you can get by Top Up real money into the game, you also get reward when top up as well.

Bullet Angel Currency: Gems - zilliongamer

You can use Gem for so many ways, you can use it to buy Angel Pass, Permanent Bundle, Lucky Draw, Suit, Clothes, and more.

Most of high tier items require you to make purchase with gems.

Bullet Angel Currency: Ornament Points

Ornaments Points are use to exchange for items in Exchange store.

Bullet Angel Currency: Ornament Points - zilliongamer

Ornament Points can be earn by complete in Angel Pass, tasks, and more.


In conclusion, To purchase items in Bullet Angel you will need either 1 of the currency, and if you are trying to get a lot of base weapons try spending gold, and use gems for high tier items.

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