Bullet Angel Event: Mummy Challenge Tasks & Rewards Detail

Welcome to Bullet Angel Mummy Challenge Event Detail. Here you can find where the event is, tasks to complete, and rewards to exchange.

Mummy Challenge Event Guide

To play the event, first you need to tap on the Event tab, then Recommend event and you will see the first event call: Mummy Challenge.

Bullet Angel Mummy Challenge Event - zilliongamer

When you complete the task in Mummy Challenge you will receive Mummy Coin.

Mummy Coin is use to exchange rewards in Pharaoh's Gift.

All Mummy Challenge Tasks

Here are all the tasks that you need to complete in order to get the Mummy coin:

  • Become a mummy hero 10 times in Mummy Mode. (x100)
  • Complete 10 Mummy Mode matches. (x100)
  • Assimilate 15 humans in Mummy Mode. (x100)
  • Kill 10 mummies in Mummy Mode. (x100) 
  • Become a human hero 3 times in Mummy Mode. (x100)
  • Become a human hero and kill 5 mummies in Mummy Mode. (x100)

Note: the number in () is the amount of Mummy coin you are able to earn after completing each task.

Reward List to Exchange

After you receive all the Mummy coin you will need to exchange it inside the tab above call  "Pharaoh's Gift".

Bullet Angel Mummy Challenge Reward: Pharaoh's Gift - zilliongamer

A permanent gun only cost 400 Mummy coin, so make sure you exchange it.


In conclusion, Mummy Challenge is a good event that you can play and also be able to get reward from it but you must keep track of your tasks if you want to get the reward faster.

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