How To Up Trophies Faster

Up Trophies Faster

What are Trophies?

Trophies are use to show how strong you are, it's like ranking. Trophies can get when you are winning and also reduce when losing.

How to up Trophies faster?

Generally, trophies can get in every events in the game. As we have experience of playing through the game we notice that Showdown is the top event that you can get trophies faster than others. 


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This tables are the record as we have played in Showdown, according to our trophies are more than 200. If you are lower or higher than this the rate maybe change. But Showdown still the best event to earning Trophies.

Solo Mode

Ranking Trophies Trophy
1 +7
2 +6
3 +5
4 +3
5 +1
6 0
7 -3
8 -4
9 -5
10 -6

Duo Mode

Ranking Trophies Trophy
1 6
2 3
3 0
4 -3
5 -6

Tips to win in Showdown

We recommended you to play in Solo Mode if you don't have friend to play with. Because if you are play in Duo Mode with random player they can cause you a lot of problems, such as poor aiming, poor internet, and some come to troll you in the game. 

If you are playing in Solo Mode just hiding to in the bush you also can get in Top 6 easily. By the way, you should fighting more than hiding to improve your skills. 


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