How to Play Bo


"Bo the Eagle Hunter is the greatest bowman the Tribes have ever known. His arrows are simply explosive!"

Rarity Common
Movement Speed 720
Voice Actor Brain Stivale

Bo is a Brawler unlocked as a Trophy Road reward upon reaching 3000 Trophies. He has fairly high health and fires exploding arrows that deal moderate damage at long range. His Super places traps in an area that explode when an enemy Brawler get near them.


Level Health
1 3600
2 3780
3 3960
4 4140
5 4320
6 4500
7 4680
8 4860
9-10 5040

Attack: Eagle-eyed

"Bo releases a trio of exploding arrows, tearing up enemies like an eagle's talons."

Bo shoots three explosive arrows that can deal moderate damage to enemies within a small radius from their point of detonation. They have a long range.

Range 8.33
Reload 1.7 seconds
Level Damage per arrow
1 500
2 525
3 550
4 575
5 600
6 625
7 650
8 675
9-10 700

Super: Catch a Fox

"Bo hide explosive traps on the ground. Enemies stepping on them get blown up and away!"

Bo throws three mines that explode 1.15 seconds after being triggered by enemies, dealing damage to any enemies near them. The traps are invisible to enemy Brawlers when placed, but when triggered, they beep and flash momentarily before exploding.

Range 8.33
Level Damage per Trap
1 1440
2 1512
3 1584
4 1656
5 1728
6 1800
7 1872
8 1944
9-10 2016

Star Power: Circling Eagle

"Bo gains the ability to spot enemies hidden in bushes from an uncanny distance. Shared with teammates!"

This powerful passive allows Bo and everyone on his team to see 4 tiles into Bushes (on Bo's view), instead of the normal 2 tiles. This can even allow you to see far into bushes that you aren't near to.


  • Bo's Super (Tap Yellow Button) can be used to defend critical paths on the battlefield. Enemy Brawlers taking that path will take high damage when they step on the trap.
  • Bo always shoots three arrows from left to right. You can take advantage of this to control the spread of your arrows. If you want to concentrate fire in a small area, move left while firing. For an attack with more spread, move right. The space between each arrow will be increased, giving the attack a wider spread.
  • Bo's Star Power is really useful on maps filled with bushes. Some maps include Feast or Famine, Island Invasion, Snake Prarie and Cavern Churn. Since, you have a sight advantage, avoid getting close from the tanks or other brawlers.




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