May Update 21-05-2019


New Epic Brawler - Bibi

  • Main Attack - Three Srikes: swings with her baseball bat, hitting enemies in a wide arc. This attack, much like Frank's, takes time to wind up.
  • Super - Spitball: sends out a large, long-ranged bubble. This bubble is able to pierce through enemies and bounce off of walls. However, the bubble will pop and disappear after 5 seconds.
  • Star Power - Home Run: movement speed is increased when her Home Run bar is fully charged.

New Skins!


  • Rosa Voice Over
  • Ability to send in-game mail to Club members (available for leaders & co-leaders) - Currently unavailable. Still working on a fix for this.
  • Supercell ID 2.0 (Will roll out to countries over the next week).

New Event - Retropolis

  • New Battle Location - Retropolis
  • New Menu Music
  • New Menu Background
  • New In-Game Music


  • Several maps are now "Retrofied"
    • Gem Grab - Cell Division, Four Squared, Escape Velocity, Spring Trap, Double Swoosh
    • Heist - Rolling Rumble, Bridge Too Far
    • Bounty - Layer Cake, Dry Season
  • Maps Removed
    • Gem Grab - Bouncing Echo
    • Heist - Split Second, Corner Case
  • Maps Added
    • Gem Grab - Cross Cut
  • Heist - Pit Stop, Side Story

Character Balance

  • Rosa: decreased Super duration from 4.0 sec to 3.0 sec also decreased Star power healing from 300 per sec to 200 per sec and needs now 10 hits instead of 9 to fully charge up Super. Main attack effect now better matches the area where damage is dealt.
  • Frank: Frank's Super now again stuns the Siege base for the full duration.
  • Carl: Carl can now pre-aim his main attack while using Super and Carl now has a much shorter cooldown for the main attack (can use the main attack more rapidly when the Pickaxe returns after a wall hit).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple UI issues.
  • Fixed a bug that gave access to locked skins in the Training Cave
  • Fixed an issue with character health bars being displayed incorrectly after being revealed from stealth.
  • Fixed issues related to player status display in teams.
  • Fixed partially underwater launch pads on Showdown map Flying Fantasies.
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