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  • How to Play El Primo

    How to Play El Primo

    Date : 2019-03-11 By : Panha
    "El Primo throws a flurry of punches at his enemies. His Super is leaping elbow drop that deals damage to all caught underneath!"
  • How to Play Barley

    How to Play Barley

    Date : 2019-03-13 By : Panha
    "Barley just wants to be a regular barkeeper. Grind his gears though - steam comes out and bottles start flying."
  • How to Play Poco

    How to Play Poco

    Date : 2019-03-13 By : Panha
    "After losing his fans to a rival band, Poco fills every waking moment trying to find the perfect riff to win it all back."
  • How to Play Rosa

    How to Play Rosa

    Date : 2019-04-23 By : Panha
    "This boxing botanist will plant her feet and go toe to toe! Her Super gives her tough, vegan protective gear."