How to Win Showdown Event


I. Event Info & Rule

Showdown Mode

In these event mode you can play in SOLO(alone) or DUO(with partner). If you go alone, you have to fight the other 9 players. If you go with your partner you have to fight with the other 4 teams.

Showdown is a survival game mode that you can go alone or with a partner to fight in the Showdown Arena! Whoever's still standing at the end wins.

***Note:The event will change in every 24h, so when the new coming map also change to a new map but game rule still the same.

II. Guide

Map Detail

Poison Clouds

Here are the Poison Clouds in Showdown Arena. This clouds come closing in, so keep moving to avoid to it because Poison Clouds can reduce your Health.


Power Cube

Shooting the Boxes in the arena to collect Power Cubes to increase your Health and Attack damage.


This is the view amount of alive Players or Teams in the game. 

This event also have special things that can be dangerous to you and your partner, such as ROBOT which go to fight everybody in the game, or METEOR SHOWER are the huge rocks falling from the sky, and more.

Playing Guides

Most important thing in this event is try to collect Power Cubes, to increase your Brawler's power and more rate you will win.

Like another survival games, try to be the last man standing as much as you can. If you play in SOLO mode you can hide or fight, it is flexible by the situation in the game.

Moreover, if you are playing in DUO mode and your partner was dead please try to play more carefully and waiting your partner back in the game when you are still alive.

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III. Best Brawlers in Showdown Event














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