How to Win Gem Grab Event

Gem Grab

I. Event Info & Rule

In these event mode you can play 3 Vs 3 players.

Collect Gems that pop out of the Gem Mine in the middle of the map. Or, just take them from fallen opponents! Hold ten gems for the duration of a countdown to win the game! It's mean that when one team hold the gems to ten first than the time will countdown, if you can protect it from the enemies fighting until the time finish you will win the game. You will gain Exp and Token from this event.

***Note:The event will change in every 24h, so when the new coming map also change to a new map but game rule still the same.

II. Guide

Map Detail

Gem Grab (Hard Rock Mine Map)

1). Enemies Side: The place where the enemies born.

2). Allies Side: The place where we born.

3). Gem Mine: The mine that produce the gems we should stay near it to collect the gems.

4). Grass: The bush where you can hide in it nobody can see you if they are far away from you, but they will see you if they are coming nearly inside the bush or they are giving damage to you. The bush can also destroy by the power of some brawlers.

5). Wall & Box: It is also an useful thing that you can run around it to avoid from the enemies attacking. It can also destroy by the power of some brawlers.

Playing Guides

You should leave 1 player of your team try to stay near the GemMine to collect the gem and the other 2 players try to attack the enemies and protect a player who have a lot of gem. Especially, if you are nearly losing rush and try to fight the enemy who carry the most Gems in the game.

Try to control the Gem Mine first, if you can control Gem Mine the game will be yours.

III. Best Brawlers in Gem Grab Event














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