How to Win Bounty Event


I. Event Info & Rule

In these event mode you can play 3 Vs 3 players.

Bounty is in Daily Events mode, collect Stars for your team by defeating players on the enemy team. Every time you defeat an enemy, the bounty on your head increase by one Star,up to seven Stars. Don't give them to the enemy! The team that has more Stars when the clock runs out wins.

***Note:The event will change in every 24h, so when the new coming events also change to a new map and a new game rule.

II. Guide

Map Detail

Bounty (Excel Map)

The first start in the game, there is a Star in the middle of the map

You should not try to collect a Star in the first start, you have to hide and lets the enemies collect it.Than you can get a good chance to kill the enemies when they go to collect the first star in the map to get more Stars.

Playing Guides

Bounty base

Every players start with the 2 Stars on the head, so it's mean that if you killed a enemy it will gained 2 stars to the team. Moreover, if a player killed an enemy they will gained a star on their head, up to 7 stars. When you killed any players that have 7 stars on their head you will also gained 7 stars to the team.

III. Best Brawlers in Bounty Event














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