Event Maps

Gem Grab

2019-03-06 15:39:25

How to win this event (Gem Grab Event) ? Try to control the Gem Mine first, if you can control Gem Mine the game will be yours. and some play hold the gem and some player try to attack the enemies more detail please click the link


2019-03-14 14:43:07

Showdown is a survival game mode that you can go alone or with a partner to fight in the Showdown Arena! Whoever's still standing at the end wins.


2019-03-15 14:11:19

Collect Stars for your team by defeating players on the enemy team.The team that has more Stars when the clock runs out wins.


2019-03-18 14:38:58

Protect your team's valuable safe, while trying to break open the enemy team's safe at the same time! Whichever team busts open the enemy safe first wins