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  • How to Play Piper

    How to Play Piper

    Date : 2019-03-16 By : Panha
    "Piper de la Prim is always the Belle of the Brawl. All class to begin with, she was also top of her class at sharpshooting."
  • How to Play Pam

    How to Play Pam

    Date : 2019-03-18 By : Panha
    "Pam shoots from the hip, peppering targets with shrapnel. Her super is a health turret that restores her and teammates' health!"
  • How to Play Frank

    How to Play Frank

    Date : 2019-03-18 By : Panha
    "Frank is a hard-hitting dude, and a real physical specimen. His super will shock and awe! Frank takes a while to wind up his hummer blow, but the hit is so hard it sends a shockwave."
  • How to Play Bibi (New Brawler)

    How to Play Bibi (New Brawler)

    Date : 2019-05-22 By : Panha
    Batter up! Bibi's got a sweet swing that can knock back enemies when her Home Run bar is charged. Her Super is a bouncing ball of gum that deals damage