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  • How to Play Shelly

    How to Play Shelly

    Date : 2019-03-06 By : Panha
    "Shelly's spread-fire shotgun blasts the other team with buckshot. Her Super destroys cover and keeps her opponents at distance!"
  • How to Play Nita

    How to Play Nita

    Date : 2019-03-07 By : Panha
    "Nita strikes her enemies with a thunderous shockwave. Her Super summons a massive bear to fight at her side!"
  • How to Play Colt

    How to Play Colt

    Date : 2019-03-07 By : Panha
    "Town Sheriff and resident hair model, Colt enforces the law with long range accuracy and a mighty fine smile."
  • How to Play Bull

    How to Play Bull

    Date : 2019-03-07 By : Panha
    Bull Blanco is like a bull in a China Shop. A bull with a double barrel shotgun. Bull is a Brawler who is unlocked as a Trophy Road reward upon reaching 250 Trophies.
  • How to Play Jessie

    How to Play Jessie

    Date : 2019-03-07 By : Panha
    "Junker Jessie is a hillbilly girl genius who fashions dangerous gun turrets from scrap."
  • How to Play Brock

    How to Play Brock

    Date : 2019-03-11 By : Panha
    "When Brock's not lighting up the battle with rockets, he's lighting up the dance floor with his smooth moves."
  • How to Play Dynamike

    How to Play Dynamike

    Date : 2019-03-11 By : Panha
    "Dynamike is a retired miner who misses the favorite part of his old job - blowing stuff up!"
  • How to Play Bo

    How to Play Bo

    Date : 2019-03-11 By : Panha
    "Bo the Eagle Hunter is the greatest bowman the Tribes have ever known. His arrows are simply explosive!"