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Tokens Guide

What are Tokens? 

Tokens are the reward that players gain after finishing the match in any events. Tokens are very important item in this game. There are 2 types of tokens in Brawl Stars, such as Tokens Tokens and Star Tokens Star Tokens.

Token Doubler

Token Doubler

Token Doubler is an item that use to double token it is very useful to earn a lot of Tokens, you can get it from Trophy Road or you can use Gems to purchase it in the Shop.

How to get Tokens and Star Tokens?

In normally, you can earn Tokens by completed any Events. You will get Tokens more or less it's depend on the result of your game, winning always better than losing. Level up also gain you 20 Tokens

Robo Rumble in Ticket Events is the most event that you can earn a lot of Tokens more than 500 Tokens per match if you play well.

Get Star Tokens

For Star Tokens, you can get it only when the first start of the events. An events you can earn a Star Tokens, So if you have unlock 5 events, you will get up yo 5 Star Tokens per day.


On the other hand, battle to get Tokens also have limited of playing. If you play while 0/200 you will not get Tokens even you are the winner. 


How to use Tokens? 

Tokens are use to buy Brawl Boxes, Star Tokens are use to buy Big Box. The more you open the box, more items you will get. 


Brawl Boxes

Brawl Box

Collect 100 Tokens from Battles to open this Brawl Box. You will get items such as Coins, Power Points, or can be Gems and Brawlers it you are lucky.

Big Box

Big Box

Collect 10 Star Tokens from your first win of different events to open this Big Box. It's mean that when the first start of the day, after you finished in any events you will get 1 Star Tokens


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