How to play Brawl Stars on Mobile



I. Recommended Specs

  • 1.0 GB of RAM, 1.5 GB or more is recommended
  •  1 GB of free space, 1.5 GB or more is recommended
  • iOS 9.0 or later
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Game size in App Store: 191.6 MB
  • 1.0 GB of RAM, 1.5 GB or more is recommended
  •  1 GB of free space, 1.5 GB or more is recommended
  • Android 4.3, Android 5 or higher is recommended
  • Game size in Play Store: 99 MB

Please be aware that meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee the game will run without any issues. For an optimal experience, we recommend requirements.

Also check the following tips to improve your game performance:

  • Increase storage memory by uninstalling apps or deleting videos/pictures you no longer need.
  • Close all applications running in the background to free up device memory.
  • Turn off Power Saving Mode.
  •  Check if the Game version is updated
  •  Check if the Operative System is updated.

II. Homepage Guide


We are going to introduce you about the homepage of this game for you to clarify how it work. For easily to explain we would like to separate into 7 section, such as:

1. Profile

In this section, you can control to see your profile stats such as your Highest TrophiesLevels Ranking and Victory records in any events. You also change your Profile Logos and check your ID code.


One more thing, you can see your Trophy Road record and rewards.


Check Out Here: How To Up Trophies Faster

2. Brawlers, Shop & Social

BRAWLERS button used to see and control your Brawlers that you have or haven't. You can upgrade your Brawlers if they are full of Power Points, or you can see the keys how to unlock Brawlers that you not yet unlock it. You can also click on a Brawler in the middle of the screen to access it.



SHOP button used to buy any Items, Brawlers, Brawler skins, or Gems and Coins in the game. Sometime when the Special Offers are available it is a good chance for you to buy any items in a discount price. Don't forget to claim your daily reward for free.


SOCIAL button used to connect with other players like FRIENDS or CLUBS. You can add friends by connect your game's account to your Fb's account or share link to your friends by clicking on SHARE INVITE button.


CLUB is a group of players that join together and help each other in the game to become a strong family to stand on the top of global or local ranking.


3. Boxes

Completed your match to get Tokens or Star Tokens to open this Boxes to get Items and Brawlers.


Check Out Here: Tips For Players To Use And Earn Tokens

4. Play Button

This button used to access into gameplay. You can choose any events that you want to play. Some events is lock until you completed their target trophies to unlock it.

Brawl Stars Events

Check Out Here: All Events Guide

5. Create Room

In Brawl Stars, you can also create a room to invite your friend to play together for fun or train your aiming. Friendly games don't reward trophies, but you can practice any regular event or set up a friendly competition! All Brawlers are fully upgraded in Friendly games.


6. Information

The first button on the top is BATTLE LOG used to see your match record you can watch the reply it when you have a Brawlers reach 400 trophies.

Battle Log

Second button is LEADERBOARDS used to see top ranking Players, Clubs in the world or in your local country.


Third button is NEWS used to see the lastest update or any special news in Brawl Stars from Supercell.


7. Chatting Room & Setting

The left one is the Chatting room, you can see your friends who is online and invite them to play with. Moreover, you can chat to your CLUB's friend or your team. You can also click on the + button on the homepage nearly your brawler to access it.

Chating Room

One the right is Setting button, used to control any setting in the game such as Sound Effects, Music, Movement Control, Languages, connecting to Supercell ID, Facebook, and more.

Please connect your game to Supercell ID to get a free Wizard Barley skin.


III. Controlling Guide


  1. This joystick used to control the movement of your Brawler.
  2. This joystick used to control your aiming you can move it to see the target or click it for shooting in short range when you are near the enemies.
  3. This button is a power skill button, it will available when you shooting on point to the enemies until it become yellow.



Events Guide
Events Guide


Brawlers Guide
Brawlers Guide


Items Guide
Items Guide


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