How to get Event Tickets

Event Tickets

What is Event Tickets?


Event Tickets give you entry to Ticket Events such as Boss Fight and Robo Rumble. This events will active when you reach 400 total trophies

How many way to get Event Tickets?

There are 4 ways to get the Event Tickets in Brawl Stars.

Get when the event started

When the Ticketed Events start you will get 2 free tickets. This event is not easy so try to use these 2 tickets to win the game, Event Tickets are not easy to get it free.

Get from Trophy Road

You also get Event Tickets when you reach 950 trophies in your road.


Get from Boxes

brawl-box big-box mega-box

Event Tickets also appear in the Boxes, but you will only get it when you already unlock the Ticketed Event.

Get from Shop

Tickets Shop

Tickets will be available in shop while the event is ongoing. Players can only use Gems to purchase it.

Tickets TicketsPrice Gems
6 Tickets10 Gems
20 Tickets30 Gems
60 Tickets80 Gems


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