9 Tips For New Player


We find out useful ways for new players who want to improve their skill and become pro players. We have 9 useful tips that may help you a lot in Brawl Stars. Check it out below:

1. Don't Use Coins in Shop

Coins is the biggest necessary thing to upgrade your Brawlers. Try not to use your coins to buy every Brawlers Power Points in the shop every day. However, saving your coins is the most important thing you need to do. Remember that, when you upgrade Brawler's power, you will need enough Power Points and Coins.

However, if you have one or two favorite Brawlers and want to level up them, go ahead and spend some coins on it. However, the most part you do not really want to be spending most of your coins in the shop as that is going to make it take longer to max your account.

The only exception is buying Star Powers in the shop once a Brawler is level 9, you can buy the Star Powers for that Brawler. If you have all level 9 Brawlers, you can buy Star Powers as you can.

2. Using Your Gems Correctly

You can get Gems from boxes free or you can go to buy your own. The best way to spend your Gems correctly is to buy Token Doubler (50 Gems in the shop) as a new player. If you team up with friends, you can buy Ticket rolls. This is another the best way to spend your Gems properly. Using your Ticket every weekend, so that you can get big amount of rewards.

3. Use Your Ammo Wisely

In Brawler Stars, each Brawler has their own reload speed. Some of them are fast and some are really slow, so you need to be careful when your fire.

Do not constantly fire your shots whenever you see someone. If you don't have a good shot when your see someone, wait until you have a good shot. It's better to have ammo to shot when you have a good shot available. If you have taken some damage while you are reloading, it's a great time to heal up. Try not to fire during healing up; it can stop you from healing yourself.

The great use of your ammo would be checking the bushes if there bushes on the map before you walk into the bushes. Shooting into the bushes to prevent the enemy Brawlers hiding in the bushes. If you have extra ammo you can fire to the places that enemy might hide and walk through.

4. Learn Range of Each Brawler

This is the most important tip in Brawl Stars. Learn the range in spread of every single Brawlers. If you know the range of each Brawler, you can dodge their attack easily. Spending your time to learn how long each Brawler range, how wide and how far it goes.

5. Fill Up Friends List

This tip is also important in Brawl Stars. Let's find people to play with! Playing with random teammates can be one of the frustrating thing in Brawl Stars. You don't have communication at all and don't know the Brawler they're going to take to the battle. Recommended to join a band or group of Brawl Stars players, so that you can find people to play with.

6. Play According to Game Map/Mode

To win the battle, it is not only according to Brawler, but also according to map and mode you will play. There are different type of Brawlers that are better in different type of map and game mode. Before you play the map, see what Brawler might be good. Learn more about the best Brawlers in each game mode(click here).

7. Planned Death

This tip is going to sound a little bit weird but there are going to be situation where you want to die strategically. In Gem Grab, if your team is on the countdown situation and you have one person who holding all the gems, so that other two people should go ahead in front of the enemy and take damage to protect gems holder. You might want to die because then you can respawn invincible and you'll be even closer to your teammates who holding the gems, so that when your teammates died you can go ahead and pick the gems up. Also work in Bounty, Try to put yourself in front of enemy to protect your teammate who having a lot of stars one the game nearly end.

8. Learn 1v1 Winners

You need to know which Brawler is going to win other Brawlers in 1v1 situation. For example, Shelly vs Bull, If Shelly doesn't have Super, Bull is going to be in a good situation to win Shelly. But if the Shelly does get Super, then Shelly has advantage to win Bull. You want to try and learn what Brawlers are more often than not going to win vs other Brawlers.

9. Stay Positive

This one is really important tips. You have to stay positive and learn from your mistakes because it is so important in the game. Take a deep breath and ask your friends what are you doing wrong, where can you improve or look at your replays in the last game, so that you can learn about your mistakes and get better. Just stay positive and having fun in any game.

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