4 Modifiers in Showdown


In Showdown matches will have one of four Modifiers active. One Modifier will engage in the battle randomly and they rotate along with the map.

Meteor Shower


Meteors rain down on players. They can fall anywhere on the map, and deal 2000 damage to any Brawlers they hit and knock them back, while also destroying obstacles. You can avoid them and try to use them to your advantage by using them to trap enemy Brawlers. Meteors prioritize Brawlers that are closer together.

Energy Drink


Energy Drink randomly spawns somewhere on the map. A small circle marker will appear shortly before it spawns to indicate the spawning location. Energy Drink deals 3 times more damage and moves faster. However, your health is unaffected. The Energy Drink does not last long so make the most of it.

Angry Robo


During the battle in Showdown, Angry Robo will spawn somewhere to attack the Brawlers, Walking toward the nearest one even if they are hiding a bush. Robo deals less melee attack damage. The marker will appear to indicate where the Robo will spawn. If it is defeated, it will drop three Power Cubes. Brawlers can charge their Super by attacking the Robo but try not to get too close to it if it is already targeting another player because it may begin to target you instead.

Healing Mushrooms


A large ring of green mushrooms spawns, creating an area that heals any players for 1000 health per second. This is enough to perfectly counter Showdown's poison. It lasts for a couple of seconds before disappearing again. As the match goes on, Healing Mushrooms will begin to spawn increasingly frequently near the Brawlers.

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