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Battlelands Royale is a battle royale game that 32 players drop into a battle to survival. To be alive until a last man standing you need to Looting, Shooting, or Camping. Save or Refill the money for buying the lovely custom for your character.



If you got any experiences on PUBG Mobile or Fortnite Mobile , just come to test this game to get new experiences of it.

1. Game Mode

First you should know about game mode. There are 2 types of game mode, such as Solo and Duo.

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In Solo game mode it means you join the battle alone to compitite with other players.

- In Duo game mode you can invite your friend to join the battle as a team (Buddy Duo) or random to find other players that want to play as a duo (Ramdom Duo). 

2. Map & Landing

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Atfer you start your match this section will show on your screen, than you need to decide where you want to drop in,just click on the map anywhere you want to.

If you want to fire with the enemy you should landing in the middle of the map because there are a lot of players landing there, it also easy for you don't focus too much about the zone. If you are a beginner we recomended you to start landing from the side of the map, and try to loot for your survival.

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You can hide in this bush nobody can see you if you are not moving. If you are moving in this bush the enemies will see your footprint and they will see you clearly if they are also in that bush too.

3. Controls & Looting

- Use the Joystick on your left screen to run, on your right to control the target you want to fire.

- Looting, just stand on the guns or item you want to pick up and wait untile the Blue Loading Ring full, you can also move while you pick up the items but be sure that you still stay in the Blue Loading Ring.

4. Guns & Supply

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- Peacemaker: This gun has a lower damage, you should choose this if you drop in the beginning of the game and you can not loot anything beside this gun. 

Damge Level 1, Fire rate Level 3, Range Level 3.

- Shotgun: It is powerful if you are nearly the enemy. Recommended when the zone become smaller. 

Damge Level 2, Fire rate Level 3, Range Level 2.

- Assault Rifle: An update from Peacemaker, it goods for all situation. Most players like to use this one, because it goods for all time even in the big area or small area.

Damge Level 3, Fire rate Level 3, Range Level 3.

- SMG: This gun is the second gun that has high fire rate can fire fastest in this game but damage is lower than Assault Rifle

Damge Level 2, Fire rate Level 4, Range Level 3.

- Sniper: One of the most powerful gun that has high damage and long range, recommended if you are a clearly of shooting to the target. 

Damge Level 4, Fire rate Level 2, Range Level 4.

- Double Barrel: This gun is similar to Shotgun, but has more damage and shoot range. Especially it can fire 2 bullets per time. Recommended when you are nearly the enemy or in a small space of zone. 

Damge Level 3, Fire rate Level 2, Range Level 3.

- Minigun:  We usually known as Machine Gun. The fastest shooting gun in the game, you will find it in the Supply Box

Damge Level 2, Fire rate Level 5, Range Level 3.

- Bazooka: The highest Damage gun. But it hard to control this gun, recommended should drop this one if you are in the small area

Damge Level 5, Fire rate Level 1, Range Level 3.

***NoteWhen you hit the enemy, you will see the number with different colors such as:

  • Red: Critical Hit ( double damage )
  • Blue: Shield Hitreduce the enemy shield )
  • White: Body Hit ( the enemy without shield )

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Every battle royale games always have the Supply Box drop, you will get Special Powerful Guns (Minigun or Bazooka) that have only when it drop down. When it drop down if you are nearly to it, the game will show a yellow arrow you can follow it to find the location of Supply Box.

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This medicine box can heal you when you got low health, after you fired with the enemy. If you are firing with the enemy when you see it we recommended you to be nearly to it.

battlelands-royale-shield | zilliongamerThis sheild help you to tank your body from the bullets. The bullets will reduce all this shield after it will reduce your health. This item is really important you should try to loot this until it full.


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