How to download Battlefield Mobile Alpha (APK Inside)

Battlefield Mobile released it Alpha test today for android. Find out how to download the game APK here.

How to download Battlefield Mobile APK (Apha version) - zilliongamer

NOTE: This is Battlefield Mobile first alpha so all the texture are default set to low even you turn your graphic to max, so please don't judge the game yet.

How to download Battlefield Mobile APK

  1. Click on >Battlefield Mobile Alpha APK<.
  2. Open in Google drive.
  3. Tap on Battlefield_base.apk.
  4. Wait for the download to finish.

>Battlefield Mobile Alpha. APK<

Special Thank to ImOw for sharing the APK so that other people can playtest the game.

How to install Battlefield Mobile APK

Once you finish downloading the APK go into: File Manager > Download and you will see the Battlefield Mobile APK inside there.

Tap on the APK to start installing the game, wait for it to complete. (Duration depend on your device).

After you finish installing the APK you will need to download in-game data around 500 MB.

Battlefield Mobile Alpha File size - zilliongamer

The Battlefield Mobile Alpha test total file size are around 800 MB once you finish downloading all the asset in-game.

How to play Battlefield Mobile

If you are living in Thailand, Indonesia, or other other country located in Southeast Asia region you can start playing the game directly.

If you are living outside the region do not launch the game yet. You will need a VPN and connect to one of these country:

  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Cambodia
  • Malaysia

Here are some free VPN you can use to play Battlefield Mobile:

  • Turbo VPN
  • Super VPN
  • Snap VPN

After you connect VPN to the region, open your game and now you will be able to play Battlefield Mobile.

How to play Battlefield Mobile Alpha Test - zilliongamer

Again, If you manage to play the game please don't start judging the game graphic because it is as fresh as it come of the Alpha version.

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