Battlefield Mobile Beta Gameplay, Weapon, and Settings Guides

Battlefield Mobile is currently open for beta test in  several South East Asia regions.

We got a chance to play the game and here is Everything you need to know about BF Mobile beta.

Battlefield Mobile Beta Gameplay

The test is more of an Alpha than Beta, the game is still in freshly development as you read.

The gameplay took place in Grand Bazaar map with a game mode call Conquest 16 vs 16 players.

Battlefield Mobile Beta Gameplay Map - zilliongamer

It was intense, there were gun fire everywhere, you can also see bullet tracer flying in front of your face.

The dev did a very good job of creating chaos around the map, you'll mostly run into enemies anywhere.

Battlefield Mobile Beta Vehicle - zilliongamer

Transportation wise you can choose between Tank or ATV to travel around the map.

Objectives wise you and your team need to capture and protect the zone and reach the set score to win match.

In average, it took about 10 to 15 minutes to complete 1 match in Battlefield Mobile.

Battlefield is famously known of it Destruction around the map, same with BF Mobile you can shoot through walls destroy hiding covers everywhere on the map.

Battlefield Mobile Beta Weapon

In Beta version of Battlefield Mobile that are 4 primary weapons that you can tryout.

Battlefield Mobile Beta Weapon - zilliongamer

Weapons like FN2000, 338 Recon, LSAT, and PP-2000 are available to unlock once you level up.

The weapon system and the recoil isn't 100% complete yet so don't expect any COD Mobile weapon customization level in this game yet.

Although you can unlock and swap out attachment by leveling up the weapon level too.

Secondary weapon wise only the P226 is useable right now.

Battlefield Mobile Beta Settings

In this version there aren't nothing much in the settings either, you can change your name, HUD, sensitivity, and graphic & frame rate to fit your in-game comfort.

Basic setting:

Battlefield Mobile Basic Setting - zilliongamer

The first thing you see in settings allows you to edit your name and change the volume.

Controls and Vehicles settings:

Battlefield Mobile Controls and Vehicles Setting - zilliongamer

In this part you can customize your HUD and vehicles layout so you can play more convenient.

Gameplay settings:

Battlefield Mobile Sensitivity setting - zilliongamer

Here is where you adjust your sensitivity, and weapon firing mode.

Render setting:

Battlefield Mobile Render setting - zilliongamer

The render setting allows you to adjust your Graphic, Frame rate (FPS) additional video setting so you can improve your in-game fps.


In conclusion, at this early stage of Battlefield Mobile look promising the chaos and destruction are amazing, what need improvement like weapon, fully implemented UI, weapon stats, more map, more gameplay is expected for the future.

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