Ships showroom


2018-04-23 15:34:18

Shooter is the most damage dealer yet also not good at taking back damage. Talking about damage dealer Shooter it self depend on red weapon slot, the more red weapon slot shooter have the most damage it can deal.


2018-04-24 23:48:37

Defender is the best damage tanker ship out of all. Defender have a lot of health that can tank enemy damage for teammate the only disadvantage is it's speed.


2018-04-25 00:22:54

Speeder is the fastest ship out of all, but doesn't mean it's the only point for this ship, speeder can be a potential of harming enemy ship by a lot of types.


2018-04-25 00:48:35

Enforcer is a ship with the most balanced stats and slots this ship can perform all the role you need in 1 ship. The default ship also have high HP and speed.


2018-04-25 07:58:24

Fixer is a ship that have an ability to heal other teammate ship. Fixer should be play as back line full supporter in other to not get hard pinched.