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  • Bhurt


    Date : 2018-04-26 By : Ratanak
    BHURT The Cannonner in the Ship's Crew, Hiring BHURT for the best damage output to an enemy, BHURT Fit perfectly in SHOOTER.
  • Mortimer


    Date : 2018-04-27 By : Ratanak
    MORTIMER is the mortarman in SHOOTER Ship, Most talents focus on mortar the more you upgrade the more damage output from your mortar.
  • Swift


    Date : 2018-04-27 By : Ratanak
    Swift is one of the ship crew that fit in perfect in the speed and cannonade talents, Her evolution talents are for turbo over boost and nitro.
  • Isak


    Date : 2018-04-27 By : Ratanak
    ISAK. The Ship's Crew member who mainly talented on Grenade launcher, freezing items like froze blaster and froze launcher. ISAK most important ship is enforcer
  • Feelix


    Date : 2018-04-27 By : Ratanak
    Feelix. The Ship's Crew member that is most important for FIXER Ship. His talents is used for Repair box lancher, repiar pulse, duct tape and more.
  • Brock


    Date : 2018-04-27 By : Ratanak
    BROCK. The Tanker Ship's Crew member for DEFENDER Ship. BROCK Special talent is to help defender ship get tanker more HP such as standard shield and fire bomb.
  • Sinklair


    Date : 2018-04-27 By : Ratanak
    SINKLAIR. The Ship's Crew member that has talent on upgrading torpedoes damage and at the same time help bandage to get better during teamfight.
  • Burnice


    Date : 2018-04-28 By : Ratanak
    Burnice. The Ship's Crew member that has a talent of mainly specialize on incendiary weapons. Her evolution talents content flair gun, napalm and more.
  • Blastian


    Date : 2018-04-28 By : Ratanak
    Blastain. The Detonator, the ship's crew member with the specialize ability involving in mine, missile launcher and triple torpedo.
  • Dr buzzkill

    Dr buzzkill

    Date : 2018-04-28 By : Ratanak
    Dr Buzzkill. The Ship's Crew member talents specialize mainly in Tesla bolt, Tesla shield and railgun.