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Welcome to Battle Bay game guide.

Battle Bay background:

  • Battle Bay developed and offered by Rovio Entertainment Corporation
  • Battle Bay officially released on May 3, 2017
  • Currently running on version: 2.9.18211.

Game Type: 

  • Strategy, Aiming base skill.
  • A Real Time Multiplayer battle arena in your pocket.
  • Battle Bay is Mobile MOBA genre with the Competiton of a team battle arena on your mobile device.

Game Short Explanation:

  • Battle bay is a colourful 5v5 PVP battle game on the sea with full of ship and big wave. Each ship have cannon, special ability and more. 
  • Starting from a small ship to the most powerful ship in the arena by playing and upgrading from point to point. 
  • Length per game is 5 minutes maximum. 
  • Those team who took down the most ship in that 5 minutes took the victory and reward.

Mechanic Explanation:

  • 10 mechanic will be your top priority maintenance for your ship. They have the oppotunity of upgrading your turret, special turret, health ability, mine and more.

Lastest Article

  • Battle bay patch notes version 3.0.19042

    Battle bay patch notes version 3.0.19042

    Date : 2018-05-25 By : Ratanak
    Battle Bay newest update that just deployed last night, This update provide a huge change to all the maps and a new event and one other new map as well.
  • News


    Date : 2018-05-25 By : Ratanak
    Battle Bay newest update and recent new about patch will be deployed in the page as soon as possible for all the viewer to catch up.
  • Recommend load out

    Recommend load out

    Date : 2018-05-06 By : Ratanak
    Learning what items, mechanic spells that fit your ship can improved a lot during combat.
  • Repair bolt

    Repair bolt

    Date : 2018-05-04 By : Ratanak
    Repair Bolt is a repair weapon that helps repairs a single friendly target. Which is really good for targeting low health.
  • Duct tape

    Duct tape

    Date : 2018-05-04 By : Ratanak
    Duct Tape a roll of high indestructible adhesive tape to repair your ship when needed.


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