Game mode

Quick Match

Quick Match Arena of Valor

Quick match is for casual player that like to play for fun or having a quick game with their friend.
Inside Quick match there are:
PVP Match Standard
Bot Match
Custom Match

PVP Match Standard

PVP Match Standard Arena of Valor

PVP Match Standard is where player can play against other player and choose the 6 game mode that they want to play. The table of contents down below will tell you what are the 6 game mode.

1. 5v5 Grand Battle

5v5 Grand Battle

5v5 Grand Battle is where player can find a match to play without worry about losing their rank.
Player can also party with their friend. The period of a match is around 12 to 18 minutes.

2. 3v3 Valley Skirmish

Valley Skirmish

3v3 Valley Skirmish is a quick game mode that is good for new player so they can practice more.
The time period of this game mode is also quicker then 5v5.

3. Hook Wars (Opens every weekend)

Hook War Arena of Valor

Hook Wars is a very fun game mode to play with friends. When player get into this game mode, player will recieve another ability that allow to hook enemies from another side.

4. 5v5 Abyssal Clash

5v5 Abyssal Clash Arena of Valor

Abyssal Clash is a game mode that the game decide to choose what heroes that player should play and recieve an extra ability call "Flicker" Then player will face 5v5 in only 1way battle.
The period of this game is around 8-12 minutes.

The game mode rule are simple:

Player can't buy items when they left thier spawn place. 
Player can't buy items while they are alive in teamfight.
Player can't heal their hp when they go back to their spawn.

5. 1v1 Solo Battle

1v1 Solo Battle Arena of Valor

Solo battle is where player play to test their ability against other player that also want to test their ability. The period of this match is around 5 to 9 minutes.

6. Deathmatch

Deathmatch Arena of Valor

Death Match content 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5.
This is an interesting gamemode where there are no minion no tower and especially no brush and no jungle.

1 Play on brand new map.

Deathmatch Map Arena of Valor

2 Heroes start out with full equipment (matching the battle prep) and fully leveled up abilities.
3 All heroes start with double their normal HP, but 0HP regeneration.
4 Heroes will not respawn after death.
5 The game ends when all heroes from one team have been defeated.

Bot Match

Bot match Arena of Valor

Bot match is a good game mode for new player so they can test their heroes abilities and more.

Custom Match

Custom Match Arena of Valor

Custom Match is where player can creat their own lobby and enjoys all the game mode that they want to play.

Rank Match

Rank Match Arena of Valor

Ranked Match is a really important game mode for player who want to have their own elo in the game, this in paticularly is very good to improve skill by facing another player who have the same elo as player. 

1.Ranked Match are unlocked when a player has accquired 5 or more heroes. 

2.In Ranked Match there are six tiers such as: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Daimond and Master.

Division devided into:

Bronze and silver are divided further into 3 divisions.
Gold is divided into 4 divisions.
Platinum and Diamond are divided into 5 division.
All Master players will also be numerically rank ther severs based on their performance.

3. Rank promotion or Demotion:

Promotion:After winning a match, players gain 1 star. Once a player earns all of the stars required within a division, their next win will take them to the next tier or devision.

Demotion:After losing a match, players lose 1 star. If a player loses all of their stars within a division, they will be demoted by one division.

4. Rank Graph:

Bronze Tier Arena of ValorSilver Tier Arena of ValorGold Tier Arena of Valor
Platinum tier Arena of ValorDiamond Tier Arena of ValorMaster Tier Arena of Valor

Training Ground

Training Camp Arena of Valor

Training Camp is where player can test all the heroes before they buy it, understand skill and which item that suit for their heroes is really important, so if player feel hesistate about the hero just hop into Training Camp and Test as long as player want.