Xeniel Arena of Valor


Holy BrandDivine ProtectionMalleusAngelic Splendor
Holy Brand Xenie Passive skillDivine Protection Xeniel 1st skillMalleus Xeniel 2nd skill Arena of ValorAngelic Splendor Xeniel Ultimate Arena of Valor

Class: Tank / Support

Role: Control / Healer

Abilities Detail:

Holy Brand

Holy Brand Xenie Passive skill


Every third normal attack. Xeniel ldeals 4%-8% of his own maximum HP as magic damage (+1% at level 4/7/10/13).


Divine Protection

Divine Protection Xeniel 1st skill

1st skill

Xeniel froms and enveloping barrier that absorbs 400(+0.4AP) (+4% of his own maximum HP) damage. Xeniel can detonate the barrior after 2.5 seconds by pressing the ability button again, dealing 400 to enemies nearby and reduces their movement speed for 1 second. If the barrier is destroyed by an enemy, then no damage nor movement impariring effects will be dealt.
Shield Increase4005206407608801000
4%Damage Bonus4%5%6%7%8%9%
Shield Bonus4%5%6%7%8%9%



Malleus Xeniel 2nd skill Arena of Valor

2nd skill

Xeniel leaps torwards the target area, dealing 280(+0.54AP) magic damage to enemies in the area, while also stunning them for 1.25 second


Angelic Splendor

Angelic Splendor Xeniel Ultimate Arena of Valor


Xeniel selects an ally hero to bless with 40% damage reduction as he soars into the air torwards the ally hero's location at the time for casting. After 2.2 seconds, Xeniel crashes down in the target area dealing 300 (+0.8AP) to nearby enemies, while also healing the ally hero for 15% of their maximum HP and increasing Xeniel's movement speed by 40% for 3 seconds.


Items Recommendation

Frost CapeSonic BootsShield of the LostGaia's StandardMail of PainHoly of Holies
Frost Cape provide 10% cooldown speed 300 armor 800 max hpSonic boots will provide 110armor and 60 movement speedShield of the Lost provide 360 armor and 1200 max hpGaia's Standard provide 180 magic denfese 1100 max hp and 5% movement speedMail of Pain will provide 300 armor and 1200 max hpwill provide 400 ability power



Tier 1

Arena of Valor PassionArena of Valor lifeArena of Valor Guard
Attack Damage +0.9Max HP +21Armor +2.5

Tier 2

Brute ForceMutationPotential
Arena of Valor Brute ForceArena of Valor MutationArena of Valor Potential
Attack Damage +1.5
Max HP + 13.5
Max HP +45Max HP +15.7
+3.1 HP / 5sec
Cooldown Speed +0.3%

Tier 3

Golden BodyColossusProwess
Arena of Valor Golden BodyArena of Valor Colossus Arena of Valor Prowess
Attack Speed +1%
Max HP +33.7
Armor +2.3
Max HP +75Max HP +37.5
Cooldown Speed +0.6%


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