Toro Arena of Valor


Tough HideBull RushBattle CryCracked Earth
Tough Hide Arena of ValorBull Rush Arena of ValorBattlecry Arena of ValorCracked Earth Arena of Valor

Class: Tank

Role : Control / Initiator

Abilities Detial:

Tough Hide Tough Hide Arena of Valor PassiveWill not be affected by control effects when using abilites. Damage taken also reduces by 20%.


Bull Rush Bull Rush Arena of Valor 1st SkillToro lunges toward his enemies, causing 115 (+163) physical damage and knocking them in the air.
Base Damage115130145160175190


Battle Cry Battlecry Arena of Valor 2nd SkillToro bellows with the rage and gains a sheild that absorbs 250 damage. Also deals 375 (+190) physical damage to enemies within rage and slows their movement speed by 35% for 1 second.
Base Damage375425475525575625
Shield Points250300350400450500


Cracked Earth Cracked Earth Arena of Valor UltToro leaps to the target area and stomps the ground 3 times. The First 2 stomps deal 150 (+122) physical damage, and the third stomp deals 300 (+244) physical damage.
Base Damage150200250


Items Recommendation

Mantle of RaSonic BootsGaia's StandardThe AegisShield of the LostAncestral Glory
Mantle of Ra provide 80 attack damage and 330 armorSonic boots will provide 110armor and 60 movement speedGaia's Standard provide 180 magic denfese 1100 max hp and 5% movement speedThe Aegis provide 20% cooldown speed 400 max mana 360 armorShield of the Lost provide 360 armor and 1200 max hpAncestral Glory provide 1000 max hp



Tier 1

Arena of Valor PassionArena of Valor lifeArena of Valor Guard
+0.9 attack damageMax HP +21Armor +2.5

Tier 2

Brute ForceFuryPotential
Arena of Valor Brute ForceArena of Valor FuryArena of Valor Potential
Attack Damage +1.5
Max HP + 13.5
Attack Speed +0.4%
Critical Chance +0.3%
Movement Speed +0.5%
Max HP 15.7
+3.1 HP / 5sec
Cooldown speed +0.3%

Tier 3

Golden BodySprintProwess
Arena of Valor Golden BodyArena of Valor SpiritArena of Valor Prowess
Attack Speed +1%
Max HP +33.7
Armor +2.3
Attack Speed +1%
Movement Speed +1%
Max HP +37.5
Cooldown Speed +0.6%


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